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How Time Flies!!!


In June I said I'd be writing much more often with our news, but now it's November !! We feel like we're hurtling through the year  and not getting half of what we want done !!

Since I last wrote we have had a very busy time with commissions, both for Furniture and I've been doing a lot of fine art and also Airbrush art . I met and had the pleasure of painting the most beautiful little Chihuahua girls, Cora Dolly and Betty!! I could have just kept them they were adorable!!

Tallulah ravens emporium fine art portrait chihuahua Tallulah ravens emporium fine art portrait chihuahuaTallulah ravens emporium fine art portrait chihuahuaTallulah ravens emporium fine art portrait chihuahua

 We are expanding our shop with another trailer being added to it, we just need to join them together and start decorating, but its taking rather longer than i expected, but when we are finished it will be so much better! We will use the extra space for larger pieces of Furniture and more beautiful interior accessories , so it's all very exciting!! I'm also going to be doing lots more of our own painted pieces with artwork and lots of different paint effects. 

I also now stock Fusion Mineral Paint as well as Frenchic and Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint, so we have a selection for everyone!! All of them are  brilliant paints so I'm very pleased to be able to stock them and i use them everyday myself. When we get our extension finished in the new year i plan on holding workshops using each of the brands.

We are also going to add lots more products and develop our website, we already have given it a bit of a makeover , but now need to add the products, so each week we will be doing that.

We are having a competition over on our Facebook page to win a Cushion by Wraptious  https://www.facebook.com/TallulahRavensEmporium/  So please pop over and enter!



November 13, 2016 by Fiona Foster McCabe


Looking at the date on my last Blog post i can't believe how the year has flown. We have had a very stressful year with family illnesses and bereavements ,  we lost our beautiful Mother, and my husband lost his Grandmother both within 2 weeks of each other. But we are trying to get back on track, so I will be updating my blog much more frequently!

We have been very busy though, we are expanding our shop, we are bursting at the seams in one trailer, so we are going to expand!! We will be offering a selection of used Furniture and some beautiful new pieces and a lot more of my own painted furniture, and we will now have room for lots more things!!

I'm also planning on adding lots more stock to this website in the coming weeks!!

Tallulah Ravens Emporium


June 30, 2016 by Fiona Foster McCabe
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April 2015

Well its been a beautiful sunny day here in Cumbria for a change!! We have stock coming in thick and fast at the moment which is very exciting! Last week all the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint came in, I'm now a certified retailer for Miss Mustard Seed products, I love the Milk paint, the colours are lovely and you can mix them to make loads of shades! I also like the mixing part, putting the paint powder in a bowl, then water, then mixing it and seeing the colour develope, it reminds me of the powder paint i used as a child!

I'm also going to be stocking Websters Chalk Paint Powder, which I'm also very impressed with! You can use any emulsion you like and add Websters Chalk Paint Powder, and it turns it into Chalk Paint. Its exactly the same feel and smell and workability of the ready mixed chalk paints on the market, but with so many different colour choices and at a very economical price.

We also got some more of the Voyage Cushion range in today, the quality of them is just so good, and for Spring they have added designs by the very talented artist Mary Ann Rogers. I'll be adding them to this site in the coming days.

 I also took a little video of the inside of our shop, I love it !!


April 08, 2015 by Fiona Foster McCabe