Who we are! 

Fiona McCabe




My name is Fiona,  and I'm  based in Brampton in beautiful windy wild Cumbria. Our shop and workshop is at Unit 13, Townfoot Industrial Estate, Brampton , Cumbria CA8 1SW . Our Facebook page is Tallulah Ravens Emporium

I source and paint new and vintage furniture.  I've been painting professionally for over 20 years now,  I'm also an award winning Automotive Airbrush Artist, and own and run and Accident Repair Centre called M&R Bodyworks in Brampton, with my husband Mark, our Facebook pages are Airdevils Airbrush Art and M&R Bodyworks I also create my own fine art originals and prints, which are available to buy in the Art section.  

I've painted my own furniture and things in my home for years, but decided to turn it into a business in 2013 when  I started up-cycling furniture for myself and my husband Mark to use in the Shepherds Hut that we were building. I got rather hooked and realised how much I love turning and old unloved pieces of furniture into beautiful colourful pieces with a new lease of life and energy that will again be treasured and used. I also wanted to source new and very stylish unusual furniture collections and accessories, and then decided i would turn it into a business,  I named my company after our beautiful baby horse Tallulah Raven. We bred Tallulah ourselves she was a Friesian x Knabstrupper who tragically died of Colic aged 18 months in 2013.  We loved her so much and were both so heartbroken at her sudden death , and sad that we wouldn't need to say her name any more, and  we wanted to keep her memory alive, and so my venture got its name, and now we can say it as much as we like! 

 All my hand painted furniture is totally unique, I never paint the same thing twice, nor aquire the same piece twice. All my up-cycled furniture is painted by me in my studio in Brampton. All the colour schemes and designs happen on the day,  when i look at a piece of furniture and it comes to me what colours and artwork if any,  would suit its shape and style. I also buy and paint new furniture to sell in our shop.

Each piece of furniture is meticulously prepped and sanded, I don't just paint straight onto the furniture, after years in the Automotive industry,  you do not paint anything that's not sanded!! 

I also undertake furniture painting commissions, so if you would like your own furniture painted, please get in touch for an estimate.

When everything has been sanded and prepped and primed if it needs it , I then paint it. I use a variety of different paints, from different manufacturers, the products i stock are the products i use everyday, and they are in my opinion, the best you can get. I use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint  Fushion Mineral Paint General Finishes and Annabell Duke Modern Finish , which are all available to buy from my shop, it depends on the colours and effect i want to achieve as to what product i use. I apply designs and effects, which reflect the character of the particular piece of furniture I'm working with, so each piece is totally unique!

For the new pieces of furniture that I have for sale, and the accessories and soft furnishings I've chosen them becouse I really like the style and quality of them, and the extravagance in some cases!! I'll continue to add and source new furniture and accessories so keep looking , there will always be something new!

 Our retail premises in Brampton opened on the 1st December 2014. We are OPEN from 11 am till 5 pm Tuesday to Friday and 11 am till 4 pm on Saturdays. We are CLOSED on Sunday and Monday. I continually update and change my stock, I'm developing and adding things to this website as time goes by as well.



George Setter and Beryl Russell, on their way into work, Beryl on the right is head of Security, and George driving is her assistant. He does everything Beryl tells him to, in fact we all pretty much do everything Beryl tells us !! Not sure about Beryls past she could be Ex Military or a former Spy, all we know is she's been taught to kill!! , she doesn't talk about her life before she came to live and work with us.  

                                                                                                                                                        She know's everything before you know it, and is fearless (except for the vacuum) but we don't mention that evil piece of apparatus in Beryl's hearing! In their spare time George likes running and jumping, and Beryl enjoys her passion for soft furnishings, and likes nothing better than arranging her cushions and blankets, then relaxing amongst them for a snooze! You can catch up with Beryl on Twitter, by clicking here.